Prayer moves answers from heaven to earth! Matthew 6:10

Connect with us and intercede on behalf of your city, state, nation, and our world!

The Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry exist to equip and connect people to Jesus Christ through prayer & intercession, creating houses of prayer throughout the Fellowship.

The Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry commits to foster and inspire members, families, and Church ministries to pursue a deeper and more personal prayer life thru teaching, training, and spiritual activations.


  • “The travailing prayers of the intercessors at the altar makes the difference!”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “The supernatural power of God rest upon the Fellowship at large. The prayers of the righteous avails much”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “The prophecy spoke over my family’s life during the prophetic activation has come to past! Our God is great!”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “The Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry always sets the atmosphere for what God wants to do in the lives of HIS people. The prayer leaders are always on target and flow smoothly with the Holy Spirit. It has been a life changing experience to witness & be a part of such a radical move of God through PRAYER. Prayer is truly the FOUNDATION that is needed in homes, churches, workplaces, etc. and should be taught globally.”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “During the intercessory prayer classes I was filled with the Holy Spirit”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “Our corporate services always began with powerful prayer and intercessions”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “Being a part of the Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry has given me the opportunity to join with others who have a sincere passion for prayer and a desire to teach others how to make prayer an integral part of their walk with Christ.  Through this ministry I’ve been able to explore what it means to be an intercessor and how I can positively impact the world with my prayers!”

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • I am impressed with both the dedication of the intercessors and the regional leadership of the Full Gospel International Prayer ministry

    Full Gospel Supporter
  • “I really appreciate the work of the Full Gospel Prayer Ministry. Seeing the sacrifices of those who pray at the conferences is undeniably the power of the Holy Spirit!”

    Full Gospel Supporter

The Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry exists as a means for people to learn about prayer and to join the ministry in future prayer endeavors. Through special prayer events (i.e. conferences, prayer calls and more) held throughout the year, we will ignite a fire in this world that recognizes the importance and the power of prayer!

The Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry is led by William Murphy, Jr, the Bishop of Intercessory Prayer.


  • Foreign Region
  • Mid-Atlantic Region
    Leader: Pastor Doris Pressley
  • Central Region
    Leader: Elder Consuela Roach
  • Southern-Atlantic Region
    Leader: Elder Tina Sanders
  • Mid-Western Region
    Leader: Elder Danetta Reed
  • Northeast Central Region
    Leader: Elder Danetta Reed
  • Southern Region
    Leader: Pastor Kevin Payton
  • Western Pacific Region
    Leader: Elder Bruce Mitchell


Your gift supports the Full Gospel International Prayer Mission of providing practical spiritual teachings, program materials, resources and educational initiatives to churches within the Fellowship. Every seed sown is a representation of your heart to see your community, state, and nation lifted up day and night before the throne of grace.

We invite you to join us in prayer.

Prayer is the heartbeat of a Christ follower. Full Gospel International Prayer Ministry is committed to praying for the needs of the corporate Church and the nation. Sign up today and join us in this Kingdom work. A representative from your region will contact you.




Upcoming International Prayer Events

Prayer Call June 4
full gospel conference 2016 prayer
7 Days of Prayer & Fasting