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June 26-28, 2018
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Understanding that the Church is often the trusted cornerstone of the community, we believe it is our duty to provide education and services to help each person reach his or her personal health goals. ChurchFIT is a movement designed to teach and help facilitate long lasting, life changing behaviors that ultimately will improve the health of both this generation and future generations to come. This session will provide information on how to incorporate ChurchFIT within your local congregation.

Dr. Stephaine Walker

Taft A

Discovering My Inner Strength

This class is designed to present a clear and compassionate call for men to step into a lifelong divine therapy plan. By teaching men how to acknowledge, understand, and take action on the wounds that leave lasting effects in our lives. Instead of praying that God would simply take them away, you will learn to start rejoicing in your weaknesses because that is the very place where God will shine through. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. Men Only.

Bishop Herbert Andrew & Dr. Dwayne Pickett

Franklin AB

Equipped to Answer Those That Challenge Your Faith

This class will prepare the believer to be able to give an answer to those who might seek to challenge the reason that they are a Christian. Many average Christians become intimidated if pressed too rigorously by someone with “proofs” that Christianity is false. This session will equip the believer with simple guidelines that will help them to respond to the three most common areas that are attacked: The Bible, Jesus Christ and the Church. The class will help the believer to be more confident when questioned about their faith. It’s not about winning an argument but winning a soul!

Dr. Dwayne R. Cook


FGBCFI Teacher Credentialing

This two-year intensive will prepare educators to critically contemplate and articulate the value of Biblical doctrine and it’s relevancy to cultural context in this present age. Required for all instructors at the international, regional, state and local levels. Continuing and new scholars may enroll in this 3-day intensive. Scholars in this session may not register for other classes.

Bishop Cheryl Brown


Fill Me Up Until I Overflow

It’s time to expand your capacity for more. If God told you to do it, He has already equipped and qualified you. This course will assist you in understanding and embrace the fruit and gifts of the Spirit that already reside inside of you

Pastor Darrell Hall

Delaware AB

For The Bible Tells Me So

This session will empower you to begin the journey towards biblical literacy by providing aids and tips for understanding, at an introductory level, how to rightly divide the Word. For all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Overseer Patricia Sullivan


Full Gospel Cares – Disaster Preparedness

It is Better to Have a Plan you DON’T NEED Than to NEED a Plan you DON’T Have. Disaster preparedness/resiliency is the ability of individuals, communities, and organizations to adapt to and recover from hazards, emergencies, or stresses without compromising long-term prospects for development. This course will teach you the steps in creating a plan of care for you, your family, your church, your community and region.

Bishop LaTresa Jester


Growing in Wisdom

Many of us have benefited from being in the presence of wise women–whether it was Big Mamma, Madea or a spirit-filled mentor. This course seeks to provide examples of how God used wise women throughout Biblical history and key

Bishop Aretha Morton


Living a Full Life

Living a full life comes as we live out our purpose within the Kingdom of God. This course will assist you in understanding that we are not called to just “fit in,” but to be intentional about walking in our God-designed fit. This session will explore the advantages of being fully vested in your connections, how to check your motives and manage your expectations in relationships–both in ministry and in the marketplace.

Bishop Lionel Catchings


Reflecting His Glory: Exceptional, Original You

Being like Christ is a prerequisite for success in ministry. This class focuses on maturing the saints so we no longer see ourselves as inadequate, but see ourselves as capable, competent, committed, and confident as we connect with others in the Body in the pursuit of excellence in ministry.

Bishop Duane Tisdale

Taft C

The Benefits of Bridge Building

This course will provide practical tools and challenge you to think beyond your own generation, culture and perspective so that the Kingdom wins.

Bishop Edward Stephens

Taft D

Write On!

This class will serve as a vehicle of information that will inform and empower you to put your story and research into print. Learn the fundamentals of the writing process, steps to publishing, as well as the pros and cons of self-publishing and e-books.

Dr. Teresa Hairston


LEANership “The Art of Maximizing Ministry by Minimizing Waste”

One of the greatest challenges in leadership is ensuring that effectiveness and efficiency are operational standards upheld throughout an organization. When effectiveness is coupled with efficiency, unprecedented success can occur. Conversely, if either of these is absent, then disaster is inevitable. Only to the degree that competent leadership is welded to competent stewardship can an organization’s full potential be realized and unleashed. The two are inseparable elements in an organization’s success. Leadership, among many other aspects, intentionally focuses on an organization’s allegiance and alignment to its institutional mission, vision, and values. Senior Pastors

Overseer Craig L. Oliver, Sr.

Franklin CD

School of the Prophets

Dr. Todd Hall


Making Sense of Money: Maximizing the Resource

This course will focus on helping Christians understand their responsibilities as stewards of the resources that God entrust to their leadership. The course will offer insights and support for growing their resources for the purposes of investment, enjoyment, and funding Kingdom work. Finally, our class will get to participate in activities, dialogue, and discussions surrounding money issues.

Bishop Brian Keith Hodges


At the Altar: Altar Workers Certification Class

This class is designed to provide practical teaching and instruction on the role and responsibility of the altar worker. The teachings will include the effective ways to cover the invitation discipleship and flow for deliverance. This is a required course for Full Gospel Elders Certification.

Bishop Kevin Willis

Taft B

FGBCF Partners

Eli Lilly

FGBCF Partners



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