Full Gospel Conference

July 2-4, 2019
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Empowerment Seminars

View our wide range of LeaderSHIFT courses ranging from getting fit to Women in Ministry. There’s something for everyone, and theirs a course just right for you!

Tuesday & Wednesday 1030 AM – 11:30 AM






Healthy Financial Habits: The (Quasi) Minimalist Approach  

Healthy financial habits are essential in surviving rapidly changing economic times. Life happens without warning. Having a strong financial base can ensure that you are ready for the rigors of life. This course will discuss diversified approaches to having, managing and mastering the money that God entrusts to you. Our focus for this course will be on saving more, spending less and funding the Kingdom.

Bishop Brian Keith Hodges


The Ministry of Marriage Maintenances

To offer regular maintenance tools that will aid with optimizing your primary ministry (your marriage) in the face of daily challenges, because life not only happens, it comes at you fast. However, we still have the promise of premium partnership that can be our new normal.

Bishop Stephen & Co-Pastor Vanessa Hall


View our wide range of LeaderSHIFT courses ranging from getting fit to Women in Ministry. There’s something for everyone, and theirs a course just right for you!

Tuesday & Wednesday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm





Wealth Pavilion

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) and its members will bring together real estate industry experts, housings counselors from NID- HCA Housing Counseling Agency, mortgage lenders and government agencies representing every aspect of the home buying process to answer questions and demonstrate that owning a home, or investing in real estate is not only possible, but desirable. They will offer main stage class empowerment class/credit counseling.


Exhibition Hall

LeaderSHIFT Institute: Ministry Courses

View our wide range of LeaderSHIFT courses ranging from getting fit to Women in Ministry. There’s something for everyone, and theirs a course just right for you!

Tuesday -Thursday 8:30 am – 10:00 am





Systems to Sustain & Support Your Vision

Vision provides a glimpse of aspirational reality. Yet, without proper infrastructure in support of the vision, we are left with shattered dreams. This course will provide a systematic approach to building a healthy strategy and support team for implementing vision within your local church and in your personal life.

Overseer Dwayne Pickett

Belle Meade CD
Exp. 55

The Secrets of Successful Leadership

We are called to lead in various facets of our lives—in our homes, in our places of worship or in the marketplace. This course will provide biblical models of leadership and help you in identifying the leader within you.

Bishop Duane Tisdale

Cheekwood ABC
Exp. 210

Teaching that Transforms

This two-year intensive will prepare educators to critically contemplate and articulate the value of Biblical doctrine and it’s relevancy to cultural context in this present age. Required for all instructors at the international, regional, state and local levels. Only delegates currently enrolled in Cohort 1 or Cohort 2 are eligible to enroll in this 3-day intensive. NOTE: Scholars in this session may not register for other classes.

Bishop Cheryl Brown

Davidson A Exp. 91

Courageous Conversations with God

Prayer is essential in the life of the believer and yet most only tap into this privilege in times of crisis. Understanding the various forms, postures and strategies of prayer will empower us to walk victoriously through every season and phase of life.

Bishop William Murphy, Jr.

Hermitage AB
Exp. 280

Building with Broken Pieces

Life brings joy and pain, but forgiveness testifies of the power of God’s love. This session will offer tools that will aid in the process of gifting yourself with healing as your break through that which had sought to break you.

Elder Judy Pierce

Hermitage C
Exp. 300

Defining What Makes You Different

This spirited workshop consists of two parts: (Making a Difference) Hospitality goes far beyond a smile, and good customer service has left the building.  Has God given you the gift of having a generous heart to MAKE A DIFFERENCE? When the doors open will you be the one to serve with compassion? Do you have a heart to serve? Yes, then let your anointing and light shine today and come to learn how to service every VIP/COG.  Part 2 (Embracing the Differences) of this workshop takes a hard look at our biases, built-in stereotyping, and ways the local church has unintentionally excluded individuals from participation and leadership. This section also includes biblical principles and guidance for working with the deaf and other perceived disabled individuals. #hospitalitymatters, #makeadifference, #embracingdifferences, #VIPCOG, #gratitude, #changemaker, #instalove

Lady Teresa Ellis &
Dr. Danette O’Neal

Hermitage E
Exp. 85

Speaking for God

This session is designed for those who believe they are called into the Office of the Prophet. This session will explore the role, responsibilities, temptations and spiritual maturity required in honoring God with your life’s purpose.

Dr. Todd Hall

Hermitage D
Exp. 230

Kingdom Culture Possibilities

With the shift in world and church cultures, it is vital to have a firm foundation.  Romans 14:17b, states, “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost”

Bishop David Cooper

Jackson AB
Exp. 192

Watch & Pray: Developing Proactive Safety Strategies

This session will present key measures to keep our homes, our congregations, its members and visitors, safe.

Bishop Jethro C. James, Jr.

Jackson CD
Exp. 90

Now That We’re Here in His Presence

In the moments that God chooses to grace us with His tangible presence, we must be informed of the proper response. This session will provide us with guidance in how to maximize the moment corporately.

Bishop William Murphy, III

Magnolia Ballroom

Senior Pastors

This course is designed to provide senior pastors with transformative best practices that will inform and enhance their unique context of ministry and equip them for effective service.  We will consider the practical application of Kingdom principles according to the customized framework of the senior pastor. Discussions will include real-world examples and interactive engagement between class facilitator and participants.

Overseer Craig L. Oliver, Sr.

Jackson EF
Exp. 105 (classroom)

Service Beyond the Sanctuary

As Holy Ghost filled believers, we are charged to serve as witnesses throughout every sphere of influence. If we limit our ministry work solely to in-reach, we do a disservice to our neighborhoods, cities, states, nations and the world. This session will present best practices in sharing the Gospel and also meeting the unique needs of our communities.

Bishop Darius G. Pridgen

Lincoln A
Exp. 184

One Night Stand

We are taught many things in the church. We’re taught things like how to give, pray and love. But how often are we taught how to be single? This is something we all have been at one time in our lives. Learn how John Ramsey was single, an athlete, a pastor and remained celibate. Learn how to be successful as a single!

Pastor John Ramsey

Lincoln CDE
Exp. 350

Growing Your Business God’s Way

Pastor Patrick Sanders

Cheekwood GH
Exp 180

At the Altar: Altar Workers Certification Class

This class is designed to provide practical teaching and instruction on the role and responsibility of the altar worker. The teachings will include the effective ways to cover the invitation to discipleship and flow for deliverance. This 3-day course is required as a component of the Full Gospel Elders Certification. Scholars in this session may not register for other classes.

Elder Vonna Jones


Congregational Care

Bishop Kevin Willis


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